Gluten Free Life

This is my Gluten free sandwich today! I use Roman Lettuce for my bread. It really is good! I like crunchy,so this crisp lettuce satisfies that.I have tried different gf breads. They are all terrible, of course that is my opinion. If anyone has any gf recipes or ideas, please share with me. Have a great day. 


Move Over Margarine

My daughter, when she started whole30, introduced me to this rich stuff! It is like nothing I have ever tasted. She got hers from Thrive Market. The first time I ate it was on a gluten free waffle, in place of butter. Yummmmyyyy! It made it taste so rich,like it literally melted in my mouth. Any hoo, since then I bought some from Publix. The brand is Ziyad,a little over $8 for 16oz.It’s not made from grass-fed cows, so it’s not organic, however, it is very tasty as well.Since then, she has made her own. She claims she boobooed though, so when she does it again we will post the journey. We are planning on trying some new food items and letting you guys (and gals) know what we think about them. Also we will give you details and prices as well. That’s it for today. I feel that blogging is for me because I like helping people. Ya know that’s how Father God is. He wants to help you. Luv you and Be blessed.

Ice Bananas?

Yes that’s what I said, “ice bananas”? I recently got a food processor from my mom. And I whipped up some frozen bananas in it. Works like a dream. It looks and taste just like soft serve ice cream. Just a little side note here, any time you have bananas you aren’t gonna use. Slice them up and put in the freezer on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes, then take them out and put in a freezer bag. You will always have them on hand for frozen ice cream or for smoothies.image

Eat to Live

Look at this good lookin food!!! One of my beautiful daughters is doing Whole30.She made this Walnut-Crusted Pork Tenderloin/with Roasted Asparagus, Golden Potatoes and Broccoli topped with Lemon Zest.Its out of her Whole30 book.If anyone is interested we will be happy to share the recipe. We are learning that using spices and natural seasonings that God created, make food delicious. Plus you don’t feel “bad” after you eat.Father God wants us healthy and living life to the fullest.


Joy Unspeakable


I was scrolling my news feed on Facebook, when I saw something a friend had posted:

IMG_0471(1)That was planted in my mind, “Could this be true?” lol They are just one of many of Father God’s creations.  Angels are too.  Any who, my hubby calls me and tells me about these two birds that come to our bedroom window in the mornings.  They were running into the window, due to the mirrored tint we have on them. Here’s a picture of one of them:imageI stood there and talked with them for awhile.  What a joy it was to talk to them and watch them listen to me and tilt their head.  I said, “Thank you father for this moment of joy unspeakable.