What we all are looking for

I started this blog a long while back. I started off in the beginning writing with my heart, however soon started talking about healthy “whole 30” foods. Not there is anything wrong with that but that is not why I started this blog. As long as I am here on this earth I want to share Jesus. I am not a building or a denomination. I am a part of the Church of Jesus Christ. The people calling themselves “Christians” are not going to share HIS unconditional love sitting in a pew. I have learned so much by crying out to God and telling him to reveal himself to me. And he has. Through his word and by me allowing the Holy Spirit to teach me. My life for the last 15 years plus some has crumbled. Everything I thought I believed in left me empty.My family has been through a lot of changes. I began to question everything I always thought about life or was taught about life I should say. I want to be real with what I have been through. I want to help people who are a mess and want to be loved by someone who will never ever stop loving them. I want people to meet Jesus, not me. Every person ever born into this world is because God wanted a family. However his first kids gave away what he had gave them to satan. So once you recieve what Jesus did, which was pay the price to take back Gods kids. Then you are “born again” and your spirit is brand new. That is what you are, a spirit in a body with a soul. So please, i pray this reaches people who want to be new, on the inside that is. You will transform from the inside to the outside like the beautiful one you are and you will have power to understand how wide,how long, how high and how deep is his love.BTW that song “You are a good good Father by Chris Tomlin just came on the radio.  I take that as a little sign from Father God that I am now on the right track. I want to dedicate this post to my dad, who passed in August. We played this song at his service. He is the one who first taught me the love of a True Dad. Thank you Father God for your love and revealing yourself to me everyday. Love and miss you daddy John. Love to you all, Michele


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