Healthy Ranch Dressing

Yes, we really can have a healthy dressing/dip!  My prayers have been answered! Lol. This is a Whole30 recipe, that I was soooo sure would not taste good. Well i was wrong. It was made with Whole30 compliant mayo and coconut milk. This stuff is delicious and the best part is that it is GOOD for you. Luv yall❤️

Strawberry Salad

This salad is absolutely out of this world.Its salad greens,rotisserie chicken,strawberries,swiss cheese and toasted pecans🍓. I made my own dressing. The dressing has ingredients that some can’t have. However I have one that is compliant. Just ask me.Luv y’all sooo much. We are healthy.

Ghee Recipe

We have had people asking about Ghee. Some said they couldn’t find it or didnt know where to purchase it. So if you are interested in making your own. Here is a recipe:
 Let us know how you do with this. Talk at y’all again soon.Remember you are loved and blessed

Gluten Free Life

This is my Gluten free sandwich today! I use Roman Lettuce for my bread. It really is good! I like crunchy,so this crisp lettuce satisfies that.I have tried different gf breads. They are all terrible, of course that is my opinion. If anyone has any gf recipes or ideas, please share with me. Have a great day.